Today, I peed my pants for money

My housemates are out for the evening, so I nip down stairs with a camera in one hand and a pair of lace cotton knickers in the other. I put the panties on, sit on the toilet, and aim the camera. I pee.

I’m hoping to make about $30 out of this.

On the 9th of May I joined an online “erotic” auction site. I got hit with a water and electric bill I couldn’t handle, and was still financially reeling from the £360 repair fees for my laptop. Work is scarce, especially work which doesn’t conflict with my uni schedule. I reasoned that I already owned panties, a camera, and my body. It couldn’t hurt to try.

Today is the 7th of June, nearly a month since this first began and the auction site tells me I have made $210, or £145. I’ve seen girls make more than that in a single auction, but I’m still trying to build up an audience. I feel like I’ve done well though. It’s keeping me in fresh fruit.

I started this blog to keep track of the developments in my endevours, and to relay things I see on the site, and for commentary on its mental effect on me, and the people I come in contact with. I am a feminist. I am now (granted, in its safest and mildest form) a sex worker. I am have white privelege, I am able-bodied but mentally ill, I am middle class, and I benefit from being in a heterosexual relationship (though I am queer).

I hope I can be insightful enough to write about my experiences with all of these things in mind. This blog will hopefully be, first and foremost, a feminist – or womanist – blog documenting my online sales. Everyone is welcome, all thoughts are appreciated.

The auction for my pee pants ends in two days. I’ll let you know what I make.


About knickerbloggerglory

I am a 20 year old undergrad in the UK. I have begun selling my panties at an online auction; this is my blog.
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